Once an applicant has submitted their application, they will be contacted by a MeySen recruiter. Initial contact will be through email, and then transition to a phone call and Skype screening interview.

Applicants who pass the initial application screening will be instructed to record themselves answering five questions. Don’t be intimidated by this process! The recording software is built into our application system; you’ll be able to record and send your answers quickly and efficiently.

Your application’s video clips will be sent to the MeySen Academy Hiring Team, along with your resume, application, references and other documents included in your application portfolio. The MeySen Academy Hiring Team, which includes the Principal, Vice-Principal, Human Resources and Program Directors, will review your entire application portfolio.

Applicants who pass the video interview screening will be invited to a one-on-one Skype interview with MeySen Academy’s US Recruiter and MeySen Human Resources.

Applicants who pass the one-on-one Skype interview will be invited to interview in-person with the MeySen Academy Hiring Team. In-person interviews are conducted in the United States (Seattle) twice a year, in October/November and May/June. MeySen Academy covers airfare to and from Seattle for any out-of-state applicants selected to interview.

Hiring Decisions are usually given within two weeks.

Once the offer of employment is extended and accepted verbally, the new employee will begin working with MeySen Academy Human Resources and Foreign Staff Support in gathering and completing the necessary paperwork, obtaining your Japanese work visa, travel and packing preparations, etc. The amount of time new employees are in this stage of the on-boarding process varies by the time of year they are hired and their date of arrival in Japan.