Teachers who arrive in February have a two-month training period before the new school year starts in April. During this two-month training period, new teachers will observe classes and will receive foundation training (which includes learning to teach with the GrapeSEED curriculum), departmental training, and in-service training. This is taught by MeySen’s in-house training team, all of whom are experienced teachers specializing in GrapeSEED.

MeySen teachers participating in the February two-month training period are compensated for their training months at a rate one-half of their normal first-year teaching salary per month (100,000 yen (FC/PSE) – 120,000 yen (PSK) per month). Housing is provided for free during this period. Teachers that arrive outside of February will receive training either in a small group or one-on-one setting. Training will occur between your hire date and the next school year in April or when you receive your own class (whichever happens first). This will still include class observations, foundation training, departmental training, and in-service training. MeySen teachers participating in this training period are compensated for their training months, at a salary of 180,000 yen/ month, which includes a 50,000 yen housing allowance.

Foreign Staff Support

Our Foreign Staff Support (FSS) Team, a full-time bilingual staff, assists our English teachers with the following services:

  • Translation needs
  • Immigration and other related government paperwork
  • Assistance in obtaining a Japanese driver’s license
  • Any apartment-related needs
  • Making personal and medical appointments (which includes going along with you to your appointments, helping you complete the medical paperwork, and serving as translator between you and the doctor, etc.)


MeySen employees are given a fully-furnished one-bedroom apartment as part of their compen-sation package. Married couples and/or families will be placed in housing appropriate to the size of their family, budget, and other needs. This is an example of what a teacher’s apartment could look like after a few months of decorat-ing and living in Japan. MeySen Academy supplies each apartment with the basics like furniture, appliances, and kitchen supplies. MeySen Academy sub-lets apartments in different complexes in which teachers are placed close (within 2km) to their campus. Apartments vary in size, style, and layout.


There are more than 70 foreign staff employed at MeySen across the two campuses. Our teachers often become friends with each other and form tight bonds throughout the year. The school arranges a few staff gatherings throughout the year for socializing and team-building. Groups of teachers will also form their own events that have included Bible studies, a monthly book club, weekly game nights, sightseeing trips, basketball/volleyball games at a nearby school, etc… We also encourage our staff to get involved with the Japanese community and culture. This could be by taking a Japanese language course, joining a local church, starting a new hobby, or by befriending a Japanese person in your neighborhood.