Learning at MeySen

With regular exposure to English, children can learn the language simply and naturally. At MeySen, we provide an English environment where the children learn through play, interaction, and fun classroom activities.

Playtime at MeySen is a fundamental part of the learning process, as during playtime the children can hear their teachers speaking English naturally, and interact with them as well.

As the children interact with their teachers, both in and out of the classroom, they learn to hear and to differentiate sounds, and they quickly learn to reproduce these sounds accurately, exactly as their American teacher does.

In the classroom, English songs play an important role in building vocabulary. Singing songs is a fun and effective way for children to learn the meaning and pronunciation of new words, without feeling that they are studying. Teachers employ many other enjoyable activities in the classroom as well, ensuring that while the children feel that they are simply enjoying fun activities, they are in actuality learning to effectively communicate in English.