Based on a 49-year track record in English education, Miyagi MeySen Academy encourages children to contribute to our global society by teaching our children how to acquire excellent communication skills as well as how to be upstanding Japanese citizens.

Children fully learn complicated spoken sounds and grammatical structure of their “mother tongue” by the time they are six years old. This is also an optimal time to acquire “other languages” as they are obtained in the same way. MeySen Academy has been focusing on this amazing ability a child has as they confidently carry on with advancing English education. They decided to establish a method of education in which children can make the most of their skills and time learning English naturally as they enjoy campus life within a full immersion setting. Native English speaking teachers, with a background in Early Childhood Education, guide children in various ways of English education so that the children do not find themselves “studying” but rather unwittingly learning English.

Children have their own cultural studies that should be obtained during childhood. In order for our children to pass on our culture to future generations, it is also important for them to acquire the correct usage of the Japanese language while learning about our beautiful Japanese culture. In addition to the English language, the Premier School Program also includes Japanese education and cultural events that are taught by Japanese teachers.


The children are encouraged to communicate in either English or Japanese and to open themselves up to understand the differences between Japanese culture and the cultures of the world. Moreover, they are taught to respect not only those in their own society but those from different backgrounds while developing their communication and social skills. Not only does the staff focus on language acquisition but also on growing and caring for the children’s character development. Through Biblical education, they support the cultivation of ethical judgments and moral intellect while laying character shaping groundwork.


  • To teach children how to acquire excellent communication skills by making much of their excitement, curiosity, and enjoyment throughout their campus life.
  • To facilitate children to have a deep interest of Japanese culture, while also nurturing an understanding and flexibility of other cultures.
  • To support the cultivation of ethical judgments, moral intellect and the groundwork for character shaping through Biblical education.
  • To promote a child’s sense of responsibility and self-control during their daily life while also encouraging them to be helpful people within society.