Educational Principles

The standards of our management are rooted in the ethics and guiding principles of Christianity, though the school has no special affiliation with any denomination or religious organization. The expectations we have of MeySen students, teachers, and staff are based on the character principles of Christianity, and our curriculum openly incorporates Biblical principles and values. About one third of the teaching staff, in addition to all of MeySen's administrators are Christians. MeySen fosters an open and dynamic interaction among teachers, students, and parents of all faiths, enhancing the international teaching experience for our teachers.


To teach out students the difference between right and wrong,
and how to discern between good and evil.


To instill in our student the good manners, caring and social skills that equip them for developing healthy relationships with others.


To encourage our students to understand the grand design of which they are a part, and to inspire them to grow to be whole in every facet of their being: spirit, soul and body.


To provide an engaging environment of child-centered design, a variety of plants, and live animals that gives out students opportunities to experience the wonder of the natural world around them.


To instill in our students a deep appreciate for the richness of the Japanese language, and to develop their proficiency in its use so that their mastery of the language will contribute to their intellectual accomplishment and success in life.


To cultivate our students’ fascination with languages and cultures other than their own, and to enrich their lives through exposure to foreign relationships, global opportunities and a stimulating English environment.